Piano Moving Cost

//Piano Moving Cost

Piano Moving Cost

Hiring piano moving services to move your piano is a wise decision. Hiring piano moving experts can be very expensive. It can also be tempting to attempt to avoid these fees. Yet, think about what the risk of serious damage to your piano greatly increases when not hired by piano moving experts.

In addition to the obvious fact that hiring piano moving services professionals will almost always be the best way to go, there are several other benefits. Most piano movers will be insured, bonded and have their own vehicles. This insures your piano in the case of an accident or damage from a natural disaster. Further, if you have special needs with your mover such as wheelchair accessibility, choosing movers who provide this service is often a much more cost effective choice.

If you have antique or vintage pianos, be sure to tell the movers you are moving your piano on the day of the move. Many movers will charge extra for removing pianos and will remove them to a warehouse away from your home. They will then use heavy dollies and cranes to transport your piano to the warehouse. Be sure you have reserved this space ahead of time, especially if you plan to have the piano for a long time.

Although most piano moving services will quote you a flat rate, keep in mind that there are often many different charges for different services provided. Some places may charge an hourly rate. This flat rate might include all weight, including the piano lid, and is the average price charged by professional piano movers. Other places charge by the mile.

Professional piano moving services often charge by the mile, because this gives them more flexibility with their pricing. Most people don’t have stairs that need to be carried up and down, so a shorter distance is better. However, if you have stairs to climb, a longer distance probably costs less. The price you pay depends on the level of professionalism required. Professional piano movers should be dressed in uniform, which may include white shirts and black pants.

In some cases, you might also be able to purchase a piano door or rail to help transport your instrument more easily. However, do not purchase anything if it is in poor condition or will fall apart during transportation. Always remember to research moving companies thoroughly before making your decision. Check online for customer reviews and ask other piano owners whom they use for recommendations.

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